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memodio is now reimbursed up to 300 Euro per year by AOK PLUS!

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memodio is now reimbursed by AOK PLUS up to 300 euros per year.
Insured persons of the AOK PLUS with a mild cognitive disorder or mild dementia receive:

  • The 6-month version of memodio completely free of charge


  • The 12-month version for only 49 euros co-payment

1. Letter of recommendation

Download the letter of recommendation, print it out and have it filled out by your family doctor or neurologist or psychiatrist.


2. Buy desired version

Buy the 6-month or 12-month version of memodio as desired. You have to pay in advance.


3. Submit invoice

Submit the invoice for your memodio app and the completed letter of recommendation to the AOK PLUS. Simply by email to service@aok.de, the AOK PLUS online portal, the 'Meine AOK' app or at the nearest branch!


4. Get the money back!

After checking by the AOK PLUS, you will be reimbursed up to 300€.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer the most frequently asked questions about the refund of the AOK PLUS

What is the memodio app?

The memodio app is an app for the prevention of dementia. It is a certified medical device and was created by a team of scientists and experts based on scientific studies. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Which doctor can fill out the letter of recommendation?

You can have the letter of recommendation filled out by your family doctor or your neurologist or psychiatrist.

Does my doctor have to fill out exactly this form?

No, a medical recommendation is sufficient here. This is an informal letter from your doctor - the important thing is that the reference to you as an insured person is clearly recognizable. More information

Any questions left unanswered?

We are happy to help you with further questions about the memodio app and the refund process at

0331 769 950 33

For further questions about the AOK PLUS range of services, the AOK PLUS customer service is at your disposal. You can reach the AOK PLUS customer advisors by phone at 08001059000 or by e-mail. Or visit your health insurance company in an AOK PLUS service center near you